Sequence generator crashed at meridian flip


Hi all,

today SGP performed a meridian flip and crashed afterwards.
We do not know why. I the logs a user abort is registered, but we did not abort.

We then restarted SGP. First the centering via plate solve did not worked and moved the object to the wrong direction. In a second trial, the centering worked.

What is the problem with SGP?
The meridian flip operation of the scope seemed to work, but then nothing else.

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Annasg_logfile_20170117184613.txt (251.5 KB)



I know I convinced you to install the beta based on the last issue you had BUT, the beta you are using is outdated and needs to be updated with (the unfortunate part of beta is that SGPro can change very quickly). Though I do not speak German, the last error SGPro sees:

Auf das verworfene Objekt kann nicht zugegriffen werden.

I believe has been address in

That said, “crash” is a fairly general term. When you use it, do you mean you got a “SGPro has stopped responding” message or did you get another dialog window that had more details?

This is probably because your scope was not synced with the sky the first time and it failed. The second time resulted in success because the first time did the work to perform that sync.


Hi Ken, thanks for fast reply. We did see the not responding message, nothing else.
When switching to beta, should we always download the most recent version? Or can we keep one?
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Hallo Anna,
kommst Du aus D?
Es immer gut die letzte Beta zu haben ,jedoch hebe Ich die letzte beta immer als file. falls was ist installiere ich die “alte” einfach wieder damits läuft.


“Beta” is essentially software that is pretty close to release and is usually stable (it may contain small bugs, but usually nothing serious enough to ruin an entire sequence… sometimes we do find these issues though). Whether or not you keep or update to the latest beta is up to you. In this case, I think the issue you saw will be resolved.

Thank you @Werner for the help.