Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing


Hi folks,

Welcome to the first official 2.5 beta! SGPro is a beta release for what is likely to be a fairly long string of releases with new (and hopefully exciting) features.

This release does require the use of a “beta version” of PHD2 (Specifically PHD2 2.5.0dev9 or better). We have been using this version of a while now (and for all of our pre-release testing) and it is quite stable. You can find the required PHD2 version here: Changes:

  • The new “Environment Device” has its first usable implementation (and also the ASCOM 6.2 Observing Conditions Interface). See here for more details: Initial Implementation of ASCOM ObservingConditions
  • Removed TEMPerHUM graphs
  • Added TEMPerHUM as an Environment device (just so there is no confusion… it is still our stance that support for TEMPerHUM devices is discontinued, but if it works for you… feel free to use it)
  • Fixed a bug with Canon Mirror Lock.
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow Atik cameras to cool down on connect.
  • Fixed a bug that could prompt for manual flat box placement at the end of a sequence.
  • Added code that attempts to block the sequence from continuing while the scope parks (no guarantees here)… just more likely that your scope will be fully parked before any further actions are taken.
  • Fixed a bug where the Target Settings dialog could no longer blind solve without RA and DEC hints


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