Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing


Hi folks,

SGPro is a beta release. While we love that many of our users are eager to help us test, make sure you are a fairly knowledgeable SGPro user before hopping onto the beta track. Changes:

  • Implementation of the “sequence level” notifications system (the “i” icon in the target box… click it if bad stuff happened in order to get more details)
  • Observatory slaving is now saved as part of profiles and sequences and will happen automatically on sequence start.
  • Selecting a filter for an event no longer auto populates the “suffix” field with the filter abbreviation.
  • Application wide fix-up of tab-order (still not perfect, but should be much better now) Changes:

  • New settings system is stabilizing
  • Fixed a bug where older profiles marked as “default” would show an error when creating a new sequence.
  • Better handling of manual aborts in the auto focus routine.
  • Fixed several bugs where the blind solve action would not honor the user defined location and default to the remote Astrometry.NET location.
  • Fixed a minor bug where a blind solve (explicit or failover) would display the logo ad for the wrong (primary) solver. Changes:

  • Fixed many bugs and crashy things associated with the new settings system. Nobody should have re-create profiles or sequences because of this change. If you are having issues with old data, please tell us about it (and please make the offending file… sgf or sgp available for inspection).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause the UI to hang during end of sequence actions (it was a hang that could appear, to the user, as related to parking the mount as it was the last thing reported before the hang).
  • Added blind solve failover settings button to the control panel and equipment profile manager to provide easier access to the Astrometry.NET setttings (without having to de-select your primary solver, select Astrometry.NET, configure it and then switch back to your primary solver)
  • Instrumenting areas that might be causing SGPro to (occasionally) hang when an image is saved to disk and its preview is displayed in the main window. Changes:

  • Major refactor of the SGPro settings system. Mostly transparent to the user, but you will notice that all equipment settings are part of the equipment profile now. There is no longer any ambiguity between global and profile settings. If you can set it in the sequencing window or in the control panel, it is not a global setting. The only global settings found in SGPro are through the Tools->Options menu. Keep an eye out for any weirdness with profile, profile application, saving profiles or sequences. This was a pretty major code change… For existing profiles and sequences, you will need to reset some things (one time thing):
  • All SBIG, FLI, Canon and Nikon camera settings
  • Some QSI camera settings
  • All SBIG CFW settings
  • All Alnitak Flat Box Settings
  • All Pinpoint and Astrometry.NET Plate Solver settings (catalogs, URLS, etc).
  • The “Other” button in the “Plate Solve” tab (in the control panel) has been removed. It was confusing and didn’t serve much purpose (it’s original purpose was to provide settings for Astrometry.NET when that solver was not included in the solver drop down). Astrometry.NET settings can now be found by selecting that solver from the drop down and clicking “Settings”.
  • The Equipment Profile Manager now contains “Settings” buttons for all gear types. This will allow you to adjust all settings pertaining to gear as part of the profile (and not need to worry about picking some settings in the profile and the rest as part of the sequence later).
  • SGPro’s recovery mode will no longer attempt to recalibrate your auto-guider under any circumstance. This may not always be good for folks that guide using ST-4 and should be fairly substantial motivation to guide in PHD2 via an ASCOM Telescope connection (there are options here… even if your mount only supports a single connection). Note that if PHD2 is asked to guide and has no calibration, PHD2 will start the calibration routine for you (this is not a command from SGPro… just the way PHD2 works). Changes:

  • Fixed an issue where PHD2 profile gear would nor reconnect after resetting and re-running the sequence.
  • Better detection of external disconnect in focuser and telescope
  • Instrumenting some problematic end of sequence code
  • Fixing a potential issue where failure to determine flat box shutter state could cause the sequence to hang.
  • Failure to change the filter during a solve and sync action will now properly abort the sequence.
  • More trace logging to analyze issue where SGPro UI can hang at sequence end.
  • More trace logging to ASCOM mount park.
  • Possible automatic registration of comdlg32.ocx on install (for PlateSolve2). This is a blind attempt at fixing the issue.
  • MFW now understands how to find stars (HIP catalog) from SIMBAD
  • Fixed the issue where SGPro would clobber old sequences
  • More trace logging to find mysterious crash / hang that can happen for certain folks at random times.
  • Easier setup for Astrometry.NET / ANSVR URL setup. You can now choose human friendly points like “Astrometry.NET (Remote)” or “ANSVR (Local Astrometry.NET) -> Assumes port 8080” and SGPro will figure out what you mean. The field will also continue to accept actual URLs also (this is good if you are not running ANSVR on port 8080 or for any other reason really…)
  • More logging for successful Astrometry.NET solves.
  • Forcing FLI camera settle time for transition from normal to high speed. Changes:

  • Added “Fast Event Entry” feature
  • Removing debug code that broke Nikon cameras when “Auto Connect” was not used.
  • Better logging for an image save failure that can occur (not a fix).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a profile application to an existing sequence to fail if the user marked a filter as inactive.
  • Updating the SGPro API in support of possible PemPro integration (general bug fixes)
  • Moving back to the “zip” download format so Firefox users won’t be so confused. Changes:

  • Fixed a possible lockup on abort condition for the camera.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera might be left in an invalid state after abort.
  • Sequence and target end times are now checked during the settle process
  • Sequence end time now properly considers the length of the exposure it is about to begin
  • Updating minimum usable version of PHD2 to 2.6.0
  • Adding support for the Nikon 7200
  • Increasing the max event repeat count to 999
  • Moved between frame delay to be after the dither event (again) Changes:

  • Small change to the guider interface that uses a check box to toggle the option to wait for the guider to settle over a period of time. You used to have to type in 0 seconds to turn this off. If your guider supports distance reporting, providing a minimum settle value is still required for dithering operations. This should be a more intuitive way to enable or disable the option when SGPro yells at you after trying to start a sequence. If you keep a non-zero value in this field, make sure to turn it on in your profiles!!!
  • The default time to wait for the guider to settle over a period of time is now 10 seconds.
  • Started work on “Smart Dithering”. Moved dithering event to the beginning of the current frame instead of the end of the last frame. Here is has a whole host of information with which to make smart choices about whether or not to dither. Dither is no longer performed after flips or target centering. Code for smarter dither on event rotation sequences is not yet available.
  • Blocking calls to move the focuser now have a watch dog timer (5 minutes). This will prevent situations where the focuser can bite it so badly that it never returns control to SGPro (and thus never runs any end of sequence options). The need for this protection is very rare.
  • Did some work on better handling ASCOM cameras that do not support aborting an exposure. Exposure will finish normally, data from the camera will not be provided (like a normal abort).
  • Reducing environment device data poll to 30 sec from 10 sec.
  • Removed all pressure based warnings.
  • Temperature based warnings will only be issued when a downward trend can be confirmed.
  • SGPro will only attempt to calculate trends after ~20 minutes of data has been collected.
  • SGPro no longer issues any type of dialog based warning from environment based conditions.
  • SGPro no longer issues any warnings from environment based conditions outside of a running sequence.
  • Failure to initialize the monitoring system will no longer allow the sequence to start.
  • Fixed a timing error that could very rarely cause auto focus to fail
  • Fixed an issue where the Environment Device “Pressure” label could be set to NA Changes:

  • The new “Environment Device” has its first usable implementation (and also the ASCOM 6.2 Observing Conditions Interface). See here for more details: Initial Implementation of ASCOM ObservingConditions
  • Removed TEMPerHUM graphs
  • Added TEMPerHUM as an Environment device (just so there is no confusion… it is still our stance that support for TEMPerHUM devices is discontinued, but if it works for you… feel free to use it)
  • Fixed a bug with Canon Mirror Lock.
  • Fixed a bug that would not allow Atik cameras to cool down on connect.
  • Fixed a bug that could prompt for manual flat box placement at the end of a sequence.
  • Added code that attempts to block the sequence from continuing while the scope parks (no guarantees here)… just more likely that your scope will be fully parked before any further actions are taken.
  • Fixed a bug where the Target Settings dialog could no longer blind solve without RA and DEC hints


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