Sequence Generator Pro Beta is Released for Testing


Hi folks,

SGPro is a beta release. While we love that many of our users are eager to help us test, make sure you are a fairly knowledgeable SGPro user before hopping onto the beta track. Changes:

  • More changes for the new auto focus method
  • Added a minimum star size (in pixels) slider. This can be adjusted using the slider below “Nebulosity Rejection”.
  • The minimum star size is a “per-target” setting. You will likely want to have, for the same set of equipment, the same minimum star size (no guarantee here… just a rule of thumb). If this is true, we will find a way to work this into the equipment profiles later.
  • Nebulosity Rejection is still disabled (not needed)
  • General improvements on star detection technique
  • Note: With this new method, you should not be dissuaded if it only selects a few stars from what looks like a field of eligible stars (the new routine, assuming proper minimum star size, is far more resistant to false star detection).
  • AFPacks now take a screen shot of your AF graph automatically and save it with the FITS files that belong to that run.
  • Fixed a bug that, when turning on the option to always finish calibration frames from the options dialog, might not actually allow this to happen. Changes:

  • Major refactor for Auto focus ([See here for more details][1])


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