Sequence Generator Pro 2.5.1 Updates


On the heels of the official SGPro 2.5 release we wanted to make some important announcements concerning the future of SGPro (starting with versions 2.5.1 and onward…):

  • SGPro 2.5.1 will no longer be supporting gear without ASCOM drivers. This means that we will be dropping support for SBIG, FLI, Canon and Nikon cameras until proper ASCOM drivers are developed.
  • SGPro’s existing auto focus algorithm does not work great with long focal length scopes with a central obstruction (Donut stars, star poor regions, etc.). Because of this we will no longer provide support for non-refracting telescopes. Implementation of focus algorithms that can support this are simply too difficult. We also believe refractor scopes are best fit for astrophotography and feel like this is a good way to enforce “best practices”.
    Removing floating / docking module system… we feel like most of the feedback we get indicates this information just gets in the way of imaging.
  • The environment device will now send out “tornado”, “hurricane” and “blizzard” warnings (notification add-on required).
  • Because of the way in which target start / stop times are implemented in 2.5.1, we can no longer provide support to residents of Arizona due to the lack of Daylight Savings Time (it will continue to work fine when “standard time” is in effect.
  • SGPro 2.5.1 will now auto-detect if any equipment is hooked up via a USB hub and present an error when sequence start is attempted (there are too many support issues that are derived from faulty, non-powered or overly-cold hubs).
  • Increasing the maximum number of filters per equipment profile (filter wheel) to 32.
  • Finally, one of our most exciting new features… SGPro will create a repository of names, email addresses, equipment owned, how often you image and what you image. This data will not be publicly available, but any other SGPro user can look this information up via a new “Tools->SGPro Registry” window. We feel this will create a more tightly-knit SGPro community.

As a final note, we will be moving the auto focus feature out of the standard SGPro package and adding it as a $49 add-on. We spend most of our time here and this pricing model will better reflect our costs and efforts…


Must try harder to fool us :wink:



Also adding a feature that will start the coffee pot, fry some bacon and eggs and write a call off excuse to our employer when imaging sessions run into sunrise. :smile:



It worked better last year. They should’ve left out the ASCOM only and led with the auto focus joke. Adding a fee for plate solving would be funny too


You guys are rough… The criticism has moved from the way we envision SGPro to our jokes now.

Took a different approach this year… way more toward levity and the ridiculous. In previous years, we may have been a little “too” effective and the response was outrage… not really what we are after.


You had me going for about 3 seconds :smile:


Maybe until you got to the “tornado warning system”?


Wow is it just the astro community having so much fun with 4/1 :slight_smile:

When I read the fist line my heart sunk! So you got me good!


I have to say, I enjoyed this years joke a lot better than last year. Last
year you had me hook line and sinker and had me stewing for a while before
I realized you weren’t serious. This year I just had a good laugh and that
was far more enjoyable!


Bah, the last year one was awesome. I was furiously pecking till I looked at the date!!! :joy:

It was good Ken :joy:


Been using SGP for over a year, but just joined forums yesterday. So I was taken in till the end, then thought " maybe this is a April Fool" then I saw the comments…GOT ME!!!


Haha had me going until I remembered what day it was!

Thanks for the laugh and keep up the great work.



I was reading and reading and my eyebrows kept going up and up until i had a " Hold on now! " moment…really really good laugh, thanks guys and i appreciate all your efforts, you have made automation look easy.


Ahh, you left out QSI :sunglasses: