Sequence Level Notifications


The notion of event level notifications (warnings and errors) has been around for quite some time now.

While I have always liked this system, it will only keep track of issues that happened during the course of capturing that event. Turns out more than 80% of all errors in SGPro occur outside of events (centering, flips, AF, etc). The notification system add-on helps organize and present these errors, but the primary function of the notification system is to let users know what’s going on with the sequence when they are not watching… not to consolidate and present issues. This task should be a function of the imaging application and be made available to everyone (regardless of whether or not they have purchased the Notification system add-on).

So… will introduce the notion of sequence level notifications (bad stuff). Events that will be collected here are:

  • Errors and warnings that occur outside the scope of an event (AF issues, centering, flips, etc)
  • Errors and warnings that occur within events will be aggregated here as well (it can be a pain in the ass to flip through all of your targets looking for which events have notifications… so they will be collected here as well).

You can access these notifications by clicking on the exclamation icon in the targets window:

Same rules apply… when it’s a “ghosty” icon, it means there are no notifications (or it means there are none you have not already seen). When it’s a solid icon, there is new stuff to see. My hope is that this can assist user in troubleshooting their sequences without learning to read through the logs.


That’s pretty cool.