Sequence Profile Instead of Untitled

I searched as much as I could and understand why the title bar on the sequence panel displays “Untitled” instead of the equipment profile that we have selected. Is there anyway to have a toggle or some other means to know which profile we are using at a glance. For me, it is kind of frustrating second guessing whether I have the 714mm with or without my focal reducer or I am using my larger 10" SCT profile selected when it is not the default profile. Before having that profile shown on the sequence bar on top, I knew I had the right setup.

I understand if it is not possible… just wanted to ask


The name of the equipment profile has been removed in 3.1 because it enforces a notion that the profile is somehow connected to the sequence after it is applied. This caused us some pretty big headaches in support. That said, I understand your request (and others have made similar requests) and we have indicated that, in the very near future, we will attempt to derive some sort of system that gives you this knowledge and also does not imply that the sequence has anything to do with that profile. At this moment, we are thinking something like an easy to get to sequence history where we can be more verbose (title bars are limited in space) and have entries like “Equipment profile LRGB applied / Date / Time”… or something like this

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