Sequence Progress reset after exposure change

I’ve noticed that when I change the exposure time during a sequence run, the progress bars for that target are reset to zero.

I’m using SG, Windows 10. Logs will be posted in the morning.


The numbering of the exposures are also rest to 1 for the current target.

You don’t need logs for this. Can you tell me if the exposure time you were changing was:

  • for an event in the same target as the running target?
  • for an event that was actively being captured (active event)?

Was it repeatable?

I changed the exposure time for one event and then double clicked on the exposure column heading to change all the other events. It is at this point that the reset happens.

Yes, it is repeatable. Tried it on a second target and the same thing happened.


Right, but can you answer the questions I posed above? Were you changing exposure time for the currently active event?


Ok, great. I was able to track this down and fix. It will be available in

Splendid. Thank you.