Sequence time of day completion status


Can you please add a feature to inform the time of day the sequence will complete?

The current status provides duration, but not time of day. I want to know what time the sequence will complete.


Just like the duration it will be a guess. Multiple things can add in to change the actual duration and time of completion (download time, time to dither, centering time, meridian flips, auto focus runs…etc)



I would also like an estimated time of completion for each target. I know this is an estimate, but the estimate can be quite accurate in most cases. Obviously if clouds come over or some other unknown factor occurs it is not going to be very accurate. However, I have to do this manually now for every target because I need to have a best guess estimate for how many frames to set for a given end time. So why not just do this? The program can easily compute the image download time and processing time for 1 image and calculate a total expected time. If dithering or focusing is involved, these also have expected times. My manual calculation is always quite good, assuming I don’t have lost quide star problems with PHD2.
Unexpected issues are just part of life in astroimaging. We still need an estimated time to completion by target.