Sequence won't start help please

I’ve been using SGP successfully for quite a while on a windows 7 machine.
Just upgraded to Win 10 and have some strange issues which may be with the OS or the latest SGP download?
Issue 1.
I set up a sequence ie. Normal setup: New sequence, set up the directory, tick Run, set filter, suffix, exposure time etc. etc.
Hit Run sequence and I get a warning box saying I must tick the run box before the sequence can start.
The run box is ticked !
Sequence doesn’t start.

Issue 2.
Tonight I set up a new sequence with a 30 sec exposure just to check out a new OTA, and I get "this sequence need plate solving sgp will attempt meridian flip.
Control panel telescope says I’m over an hour before meridian flip. Sequence won’t start.
Any ideas please.