Sequencing Bug - Target Settings in

Any changes to the target, when clicking on the Target Settings are not applied.

My Crescent Nebula Target as shown below, shows a start time of 19:58, however if I go to the planner and change this to start 2 minutes after transit, I click on OK…then I have the long wait whilst it saves the detail, however when I go back in, it has reverted back to 19:58

  1. Make the change:

  2. Click on OK…wait for the long “Not Responding”

  3. Click on the Target Settings Icon again and the time has reverted back to 19:58

Doesn’t matter if I save the sequence after I apply the changes or not, it reverts back to the transit time

In addition to this, if I “Unlock” the altitude lock and then save the time, it retains my setting…until I re-enable altitude lock and then it reverts back to 19:58

I think I know what’s going on here. When altitude is locked, we need to disable the time controls, because they are fighting. It doesn’t expect time to be changed when altitude is controlling it.


I thought you told me that Time overrides Altitude :wink:

This might pose a problem then, as the other night, the mount slewed to a point where it thought that it was not past the meridian yet, and totally messed things up, hence why I always want to start + 2 minutes past Meridian

Only internally. Meaning, when SGPro is making decisions, it doesn’t care one bit about the altitude. The UI, on the other hand, does absolutely care.

Could you not click on the graph at a point, just past meridian? I remember there used to be a bug here and I can’t remember if it got fixed, but SGPro would sometimes identify the wrong time (it would pick the other side of zenith at the same altitude).

Or… I guess, if we could automatically switch back to time lock if you want to fiddle with the time. I think that’s probably better, but Im not sure. It has a good chance of leaving somebody time locked when they thought they were altitude locked and disabling time or altitude will be more annoying, but WAY more clear.


I see another problem here, in the screenshot, it shows Crescent for me hetting meridian at 19:58 with an altitude of 77.1 degrees

However, if I select part of the graph in order to get a start time of 20:03, the UI still reports 77.1 Degrees Altitude

It accepts the start time of 20:03 in this case, so I presume SGPro can only do this in 5 minute increments?

So when will the sequence start, when altitude of 77.1 Degrees is reached or 20:03, I can live with 5 minutes after meridian if it guarantees to update the time from night to night and doesn’t cause my mount to slew pre-meridian :wink:

Actually @Ken

If I manually change the time to be +5 minutes after Transit (So don’t click on the graph) it accepts the time, anything less than 5 minutes and it reverts back to transit

Yes, this is the current resolution SGPro computes altitude for


That makes sense now, any plans to increase the granularity of the resolution?

Not for 3.1… we need to focus on stability right now. After that release, I will probably derive a system that uses the same resolution for drawing, but when a click is intercepted, we can calculate a much more detailed resolution between those 2 points.


I thought I knew what you were seeing, but now that I am sitting here looking at the code, I see that I have already accounted for the condition you describe (modifying time when altitude is locked). Is this reproducible for you? I am unable to see that “not responding” behavior. Can you share the sequence?

F4 (36.4 KB)

@Ken attached is the Sequence file, yes I am able to re-produce both issues

I am using an Intel NUC, which is SGPro utilises multi cores now should not be the issue :slight_smile:

I will PM you my user profile details