Sesto Senso 2


My sesto senso 2 focus motor won"t go past 100000 When it connects it shows 113000 the correct number but as soon as I start an autofocus run by the focus control or start a sequence ti goes right to 100000 and won"t go higher. It then fails

Aprox time of issue: 7:00 pm

Link to Logs

Useful Info

OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
.NET: 4.8

You attached three logs, but I am unable to find an auto focus attempt in any of them

Sorry Ken. I went to the observatory yesterday to send you the logs. I don’t know what happened. I downloaded the logs to an external drive. Will I be able to send them to you from it

ok, for those logs, we don’t allow attaching to the forum so please send to and Ill take a look.

Closing due to inactivity. If this is still an issue, please send the requested information and “uncheck” this thread as solved.