Sesto senso won’t connect



Please help.

Windows 10

The Sesto Senso software connects just fine.

When using SGPro i get the error message
'Retrieving the COM class factory component with CLSID {2B05B806-4F74-4920-8908-077AEBC28B89} failed due to the following error: 8007000b. An attempt was made to load aprogramwith an oncorrect format> (ExceptionfromHRESULT:0x8007000B)

Any ideas please




Usually that kind or error indicates an installation problem. Is there an ASCOM driver for this device? If so, have you installed it?


That exception is usually thrown if you mix 32bit and 64bit versions of software. For example if SGP runs in 32bit but you have installed the 64bit version of the driver or vice versa.



Thanks for your recommendations.

I updated the firmware at now it works.

Thanks again