Set dialog/window origin based on taskbar


In Windows, you can change the position of the taskbar. I have mine docked at the top of screen to facilitate use of the touch screen while my Surface Pro keyboard is attached. Docking the taskbar at the top means that the absolute position of 0,0 isn’t actually the usable upper left corner of the working screen. As a result, certain pop-up windows (like “Key” in the Equipment Profile) are pushed “under” the taskbar. The problem with that is the “X” button used to close the dialog is now hidden under the taskbar and cannot be accessed. There are other dialogs in SGP that exhibit the same behavior, but this one is easily reproduced.

My guess is that there’s an easily call-able API in Windows to get or calculate the origin that takes the taskbar into consideration. It might be even more applicable if people expand the size of their taskbar to be more than one row tall.

This is a ‘nice to have’ feature.