Set PlateSolve2 for mirror image?

I am using an 8" SCT with HyperStar. The resulting image is a mirror image due to the object being reflected only once off the primary mirror. Will PlateSolve2 be able to compensate for the mirror image of its catalog of objects? I can’t find a setting to tell the software to match a mirror image. Thank you!

Yes, all plate solvers should be able to handle a mirrored image.

Thank you,

Just take a look at the FITS header: a FITS keyword ‘FLIPPED’ is written to the FITS header. For mirrored images, the value will be ‘T’ (= true), for non mirrored images the value will be ‘F’ (= false).


Thank you! Plate solving worked without error. A little off center from the Framing & Mosaic wizard but otherwise hit several targets first time. Thanks.