Setting of "settings"... - ease-of-use

  1. Equipment Manager: ability to apply “change only” to all equipment profiles. So yes, changes would have to be tracked - not fun, but perhaps a per tab/page option or something.

  2. Target Settings: ability to apply exposure and offset to all events in the target. Any changes at the target level are reflected in the all events regardless of their settings.

  3. Somehow show that a custom exposure/offset is in use for a given target/event. I’d like to be able to glance at a target/event and know I’ve set a custom exposure/offset to it.



Use Cases:

  1. I just enabled 10 pixels as the max error for plate solving. I want to apply this change to all equipment profiles.
    Now: I have to visit, load, make change, and save every equipment profile I have.
    Future: click the button “apply current plate solve settings to all profiles”.

  2. I have multiple targets, but each needs a unique gain/offset setting.
    Now: I have to go to each event of each target (typically 4) and right click, go to event settings and set gain/offset.
    Future: Use the target settings to apply custom gain/offset to all events.

  3. Later before running sequence I want to check if I’ve setup everything correctly - must then visit every event settings in every target.
    Now: must visit every target and event to verify.
    Future: In the target properties, list and provide ability to see/change gain/offset. If events for the target differ in their settings, show “various” or similar. In the target events pane, have an icon indicating custom gain/offset has been enabled.