Setting target by altitude tweaks


In the version 3 betas and in the 3 release, I have tried setting the altitude for a sequence start and end but I am having a bit of an issue getting the interface to play ball. The object is rising and setting and transiting around midnight. I’m imaging Orion and I want to start and stop at 30 degrees. If I enter 30 into the boxes, it puts the green dot and red cross on top of each other. If I manually place start and end either side of the meridian and slightly change the altitude, they jump over the meridian. Up to now I have been manually clicking and right-clicking on the graph each night, just thought I would set the altitude and let it do the work for me…

I think the logic should be that the altitude is increasing at the start point and decreasing at the end point. It does not seem to be following that principle.


I put a capture video showing the strange behavior. There is no voice, but it is obvious what is happening.