<Settings> - Inconsistent handling between Profile and Control Panel


Given the actual “profile as a template” concept, there is an inconsistency in the way some settings are entered and handled. Some examples:

  • The catalogue for the Plate solving software can only be set in the control panel but not in the Profile. Unexpectedly, once set in one sequence it will affect also other existing and new sequences.

  • The same applies to the “saving format” for camera images.

  • The IP-address for astrometry.net can only be set in the control panel but not in the profile. Once set, it affects all sequences.

This is inconsistent with the way the control panel should work (affect only the actual sequence). As far as I understand the concept, I think all these settings should be moved to the profile form, and then without having to open another form for them. The same for the “Other” button and the associated subforms.



I noticed that too during my most recent install.


If we consider a setting as global or unlikely to change regardless of equipment used, it does not participate in the profile template scheme. There is no reason to force users to root through options that are not going to change with equipment.

I agree with this one. This should be moved to the profile because the FL of the scope can dictate a need to change it.

What is the reasoning for this changing based on different equipment combinations?

Same question. What is the reasoning here? If you have ANSVR setup, wouldn’t you always want to use it?

Moving to feature requests for the catalog issue.


The remarks from Horia, were also on my “posts-to-do list” :smile:

The main point for me is “consistency”.

Profiles are described as “templates”. It is confusing for a new/ unexperienced user (at least for me), if you follow this concept, start to search for a specific setting (e.g. IP address for astronometry.net) in the profile but it is not there. As I searched for this setting, it took a while for me until I realized that there is a deviation from the “template-concept”, that I had in mind.

SGPro is difficult enough, so in my opinion exceptions should be avoided as much as possible.and the profile settings really should be 1:1 to the control panel settings.
At least settings which are not part of a profile should be marked with a different color, so you don’t start searching at the wrong place.

Besides that. Especially for the IP address of astrometry.net there is a reason to put it in a profile:
I have different places for astrophotography. At some, I have access to the internet, at others not. In the first case I have to enter the standard astrometry.net IP, in the second the IP address of the local astrometry.net.

Best regards



Hi Ken,

This is for sure arguable. For me, the “saving format” is equipment related and as such is a profile setting.

But this is not my main reason. In my understanding, the control panel is supposed to only change the settings for the active sequence and this is the way it mostly works. Having some system wide settings here is unexpected.

I suppose what I would like to have is:

  • All system wide settings –> under the menu point “Options”

  • All equipment related settings (both hardware and software) –> under Profiles

  • All sequence related settings –> on the Sequence form

  • All ad hoc changes of the equipment settings and of the global settings to be applied only to the active sequence (this is something I see as experimental changes) –> under the Control Panel

This would for sure improve the consistency of the UI and increase the acceptance of the system. From my experience, when I first started with SGP I had the feeling that the system is overly complex and somehow chaotic. Now, that I learned where the things are and how they interact, I know that the complexity is manageable and, for most of it, only apparent. Streamlining the UI would greatly improve this.



I understand where you are coming from and I appreciate the feedback. That said, I think we will need to agree to disagree here. I will move the Pinpoint catalog selection into the profile, but I think that’s all I’m willing to do right now. The rule is simple (and maybe we can find a way to mark these settings)… is variability of equipment likely to affect this setting?

  • Yes -> it goes in the equipment profile
  • No-> It does not go in the equipment profile because it has nothing to do with equipment.


Sure Ken, let’s disagree :relaxed: . For me SGP works the way it is.