Settle time for non-dithered frames


Is there a reason that the settle time is still enacted on non-dithered frames? I love the new ‘dither every N frames’ but on the frames not dithered it still settles at the user specified time after every frame. Can settling only be enabled on the dithered frames to save those valuable dark skies seconds? :wink:




I’m limited to 45 seconds at luminance because with 8" at f/4 my stars saturate quickly, so the “dither every N frames” feature is much appreciated. I experienced the same behavior (settling after every frame) on 5.2.1 while dithering every 5 frames, and disabling this to get back those valuable seconds would be fantastic.


We would prefer to keep settling on for all frames since dithering is not the only thing that can disturb a mount’s tracking.


Other than a ‘dither move’ nothing should perturb a mounts tracking unless something is wrong, am I missing something here? Maybe an option to do away with settle time on non dithered frames would satisfy all parties?



Hi Ken,
guys have a point on this. If you disable dithering, SGP continue to shoot frame after frame with no settling time between the frames as guiding continues undisturbed and no reason to settle… Me too think that is just unnecessary to have settling time between undithered frames, as guiding continues undisturbed.


So If I’m understanding correctly will you be changing the normal behavior (when not dithering) to settle between every frame as well? If that’s the case would you consider the option of separate settle parameters depending on whether or not it’s after a dither? For example, I’d be fine with <X pixels for 5 seconds after a dither and <X pixels for 0.5 seconds if there was no dither (basically just a quick check to make sure the guiding wasn’t disturbed during the frame).

Autoguider (not) Settling with wrong parameters

I’m sure Ken has thought this through, but I can’t think of anything that is camera shutter related that could affect the mount, but I would be interested in hearing what “other things” Ken is thinking of.