Several wifefield images



I started a project on 2014, a 4 tiles mosaic of the Horse Head Nebula. The first image was taken on November 2014 and the last on March 2016. In between a completed 10 different images with the same setup.

The image of the horse head nebula is composed of +90h of integration taken in 3 different years 2014, 2015 and 2016.

The rest of the images are quick 2h integrations.

– Telescope: Takahashi FS60 @ F/4.2
– Camera: SBIG STF-8300
– Mount: Atlas
– Guided with SX OAG and QHY5L-II
– Filter: Astrodon 36mm 5nm Ha
– Mosaic of 4 tiles
– Captured with SGP
– Processed with Pixinsight

More details here:



Omega Centauri Cluster






These images are inspiring.




All these are really nice. The 4 panel is superb. What exposure length were you using and how dark is the site you imaged these from?



For IC434 I used 30min subs for Ha and 10min for each RGB filter, no L channel. The Ha was capture from my home, very light polluted place. The RGB was captured from a semi dark site (20min drive distance from my place). Each panel has 32 x 30min Ha subs + 12 x 10min for each RGB filter.

The rest of the images were captured from a very dark site. Each image has 12 x 5 min L + 12 x 1min @ 2x2 per each RGB filter. It is amazing how easy is to capture and processes the images when they are captured under very dark skies.




Superb Jose!