SG Pro not connecting to new QSI 683 wsg

I have just purchased a QSI 683. I am testing out installation at home before taking it out to my remote installation. I am doing this on a Win 10 laptop.

I have used Installer from the QSI site. The camera is recognised by the PC on connection via USB. I have loaded the latest SG Pro beta (Last changes relating to QSI cameras were made I think in Ascom 6 is installed.

However SG Pro does not connect. The flag reads “Error connecting to QSI CCD camera”. The “drop down” in the camera tab in SGP shows QSI CCD only. I have checked the QSI driver in Device Manager and this shows Driver

I have interpreted the QSI page on the website about installation as meaning that should be used unless installing the SGP lite version supplied with the camera, but it is, to be honest, a bit confusing.

I know that there have been issues around this, but from my reading of other posts, I thought this should have been OK.

Any advice please?


The selection for QSI CCS Camera is for the legacy QSI drivers. For the new driver set, please choose “QSI Camera” or “QSI Camera 2”

Thanks Ken for the rapid response.
The puzzle is that the drop down only offers “QSI CCD”. Having read previous threads, I was expecting a choice.

You are correct… looks like that got flubbed in the beta a few releases ago. Versions greater than will have this corrected (there will be a release in the early evening today (CST)).

Excellent. Thanks again

Just to follow up, QSI have today updated their options for driver downloads to (incl legacy drivers) and (new today). With a new installation, everything works with SGP v3.1.0.402 + QSI SGP does not work with QSI

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