SgGetCameraProps returns NumPixelsX/Y = 0 using a Canon DSLR

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A PEMPro user is attempting to use a Canon EOS Rebel 1000D DSLR. When PEMPro issues a request to get the camera properties the dimensions of the camera’s sensor are not being returned. Just a bit earlier in the SGP log it looks like the dimensions are known. Is this a bug or just a user configuration issue?

Here are a couple snips from the SGP log from the user:

[03/26/20 00:11:48.878][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] API Request:
[03/26/20 00:11:48.878][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] * Endpoint: (POST) - /json/reply/SgGetCameraProps
[03/26/20 00:11:48.878][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] * Operation: SgGetCameraProps
[03/26/20 00:11:48.884][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] * Body: {}
[03/26/20 00:11:48.915][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] API Response:
[03/26/20 00:11:48.915][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] * Endpoint: (POST) - /json/reply/SgGetCameraProps
[03/26/20 00:11:48.915][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] * Operation: SgGetCameraProps
[03/26/20 00:11:48.923][DEBUG][Unknown][NONE] * Body: {“Success”:true,“Message”:“Success”,“NumPixelsX”:0,“NumPixelsY”:0,“SupportsSubframe”:false,“IsoValues”:[“100”,“200”,“400”,“800”,“1600”],“GainValues”:null}

Earlier in the log it seems like the camera dimensions have been determined (3906,2602)

03/26/20 00:01:47.422][DEBUG][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] Extracting RAW data…
[03/26/20 00:01:47.422][DEBUG][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] RAW arg data: -D -T -4 -W -v -t 0 “C:\Users\hhgregg pc\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Temp\cannonRaw-0.tmp”
[03/26/20 00:01:47.482][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] DCRAW Physical Memory Usage: 2121728
[03/26/20 00:01:47.984][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] DCRAW Physical Memory Usage: 19599360
[03/26/20 00:01:48.487][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] DCRAW Physical Memory Usage: 25075712
[03/26/20 00:01:48.990][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] DCRAW Physical Memory Usage: 85700608
[03/26/20 00:01:49.491][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] Done extracting RAW data, checking for success…
[03/26/20 00:01:49.491][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] RAW data extraction is good…
[03/26/20 00:01:49.491][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] Extracting bitmap data from RAW (tiff)…
[03/26/20 00:01:49.613][TRACE][Camera Thread][CE;PC;] Creating bitmap (3906,2602)…



Dimensions are currently not supported on Canon cameras. I can take a look at adding them…but it may require that a frame is captured to be valid. It just depends on if the Canon API gives us this information about the camera or not.

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I’ve added support for this in our API. It will be out with the next SGP release.

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Thanks Jared!!