SGP 2.0 Has Stopped Detecting Nikon D750



SGP suddenly has stopped detecting/noticing my Nikon D750. I know that the computer sees it because when I power it up the OS wants to recommend an App to download its content and when I use Backyard Nikon it works fine. I think even SGP notices it too because for a few seconds after pressing the connect button on SGP the busy light on the back of the camera blinks very rapidly. It then comes to a stop and a few seconds later SGP announces it could not connect to the camera.

Any idea what could be wrong?



Is there an SD card in the camera? If so make sure to remove it.

Other than that we’d need to see the logs to assist.



Actually there is one in the camera and I have always used SGP with the SD cards in and it has been okay. FYI I formatted the card and it is working now again - with the cards in.

I am keeping the cards out from now on. Thanks.


Yes, SGP should pop up a warning about a card being in place during connect and suggest you remove it. Unfortunately this is a quirk with the NIkon driver that it attempts to enumerate all of the data on the card during connect which causes our connection to time out. If the card is empty or doesn’t exist then no problem.