SGP change


Hi Main Sequence software,

Could you share the reason behind in this beta version this change?

  • Selecting a filter for an event no longer auto populates the “suffix” field with the filter abbreviation.

I was using it, and find it convenient with the filename specifying the filter used with the auto-populate. Now, it looks I have to do one more manual step to have it in the filename.



As one of the users who is happy to see this change, I’ll jump in. Since you can set the filter in the file name convention (%fe for filter name and/or %fl for filter number), having the Suffix field auto-populate with filter name is redundant. I use the suffix field to note the camera angle - since I don’t have a rotator this is manually set at the start of my imaging session depending upon the orientation of my target. Now I don’t have to delete the auto populated field each time before entering the camera angle - which is one less step for me.

As I said you can still automatically insert the filter name in your file name - just add %fe to the file name convention.


I am not sure I understand the update.

I still see “%su” in the file name “key” list so what is the difference between %su and %fe? Do I replace %su with %fe? I’ve always used “%su” as part of file name convention so is “%su” no longer there or can I still use “%su”?



The actual release note is this:

Selecting a filter for an event no longer auto populates the “suffix” field with the filter abbreviation.

It is exactly what it means. The suffix still exists and can still be used with %su. The only thing we removed is auto population of the suffix field with the filter name abbreviation. It doesn’t make sense since you can just include the filter name in the file name. The suffix field remains in place for whatever you want to use it for… we just expect it won’t involve filter data. Just an example… probably not a great one, but if you took images from 2 different sites for the same target, the suffix might hold the event’s location (or whatever you want).

I’m not sure… that’s up to you. Do you want the filter’s name in the file? If so, then the answer is yes.


Thanks Ken for the clarification. I was not aware of the auto population of the suffix field in the first place since I’ve always used %su in the file name field.

Looks like no change for me in the file name field.