SGP Forcing PHD2 Calibration Fails


Hi All,

Running the latest SGP and i’m having issues getting SGP to force a PHD2 calibration.

So i start my sequence away, SGP sucessfully connects to PHD2 and starts the calibration routune, but 3/4 of way through the calibration SGP throw an error saying that it failed to resume the autoguider and started the “End of Sequence” shutdown yet PHD2 was still happily running and completed it’s calibration and then started guiding with no issues.

It’s almost as if SGP appeared to decided that it had waited long enough and becuase the guiding hadn’t started in a set period of time then it quit and threw in the towel.



Anyone else facing this issues ?


Yes, SGP waits for 5 minutes then gives up. If your calibration is taking longer I would recommend either getting PHD2 up and running first or saving off the calibration data for PHD and just applying that night after night. The later works well if you’re not setting up and taking down each night.

You can also tweak some settings in PHD2 to make it calibrate faster as well.