SGP not settling based on my preferences


I’ve been using SGP latest release nightly for about 2 weeks now but cannot get the auto guider to play nice with the auto focus. At issue seems to be settling. I’ve read several threads but believe my problem is different. I’ve got the PHD2 settings in the control panel set to settle at 2.5 pixels for 2 seconds, but when I look at the log file, it’s telling me that nPhdSettleValue: 0.5. Where is this getting set? Meanwhile, when I run the sequence and its doing autofocus, the autoguiding still seems to happen, and with my equipment SGP typically reads about 2-5 pixels and correspondingly it waits and waits and waits. I even have the “pause guider when autofocus” box checked AND the “settle autoguider before auto focus frames” box unchecked as well, but SGP only seems to heed these preferences on initial runs or after I reset progress - if I just hit resume, SGP ignores the settings and tries to autoguide while autofocusing. Is it just understood that you always need to reset sequence progress every single time? If so, why even have a “resume sequence” feature.



A link to the log file is here:

Link to last night’s SGP log

Another thing that’s interesting is that it’s referring to the old version ( in the log, but when I click on the About, SGP definitely says I’m running