SGP 2.6 purchase day before SGP 3 release


I found out this weekend that SGP 3 had been released on 1/26/18. I purchased SGP 2.6 and also paid the $39 for the Frame and Mosaic Wizard on 1/25/18 because my trial version had expired. I think that your offer to upgrade free to users that had purchased within 90 days prior to the new release is very generous. But what about those of us that purchased within the 30 day money back guarantee period? For something that I could have / should have gotten for free, I feel like I am paying an upgrade fee. I could always go through the hassle of asking for a refund, and then purchasing the latest version for $99 and get the now included plug-ins at no cost. Any thoughts about this?


same thing here, I bought this month SGP / Mosaic and not even installed, would be nice solving this


Just send an email to and we can get it taken care of.