SGP 3.0 crashing when Pinpoint selected


Hi everyone,

I am a new user and trying to get SGP 3.0 to work with Pinpoint.

When I select Pinpoint in the Plate Solving Interface, SGP freezes and message “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly …” comes up forcing me to shut down SGP.

Last few lines of log as follows:

[04/09/18 18:23:28.046][DEBUG] [Main Thread] New auto guider object (PHD2) dispatched…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.046][DEBUG] [Main Thread] New plate solver object (No Plate Solver) dispatched…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.048][DEBUG] [Main Thread] Checking if version check is required…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.114][DEBUG] [Cleaner Thread] Running cleanup…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.114][DEBUG] [Cleaner Thread] Cleaning 0 files in directory C:\Users\Toshiba - 355676\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\Temp…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.114][DEBUG] [Cleaner Thread] Cleaning multi camera registration file…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.114][DEBUG] [Cleaner Thread] Cleaning finished…
[04/09/18 18:23:28.114][DEBUG] [Main Thread] UI layout found, loading layout at C:\Users\Toshiba - 355676\AppData\Local\SequenceGenerator\sg_ui_config.xml

Any thoughts?

John K.


Hi John

I have used PinPoint with SGP for years and it works fine, so I’m sure there is something you need to do with your setup to get it working.

Whilst PlateSolve 2 is installed as part of SGP (but you have to download the catalogues), PinPoint is a separate purchase and install process.

An obvious question: you don’t state in your post whether you have purchased PinPoint from DC3 Dreams and then installed it and the relevant catalogue, eg GSC, have you purchased and installed PinPoint?

Can you please explain step by step what you have done to set up PinPoint?



Thanks Barry - could not work out what the issues was so installed Platesolve2 and the relevant databases and this seems to be working so will stick with that solution.

Thanks in any case.

John K.