SGP beta testing

I spent the last two nights acquiring images with this beta version of SGP. I encountered no show-stoppers, but a couple of annoying issues.

Similar to the issue reported here a few days ago by @Nathan_Morgan, I saw problems with loading sequences. My experience was a little different from his though. I found that when I loaded a sequence, whether it was created in the beta version or converted from a previously saved sequence, the sequence was “untitled” after it was loaded. Then after saving it to the same name or a different name, there was not an equipment or user profile associated with it (at least according to the title bar on the sequence panel), even though they did have associated profiles before saving. So every time I loaded a sequence I had to save it in order to name it, then apply a profile to it.

I am not a fan of the Notification Center, especially the popup panels that remain on the screen for 30 seconds in the lower right corner. My laptop has limited screen real estate, and the popup panels block parts of the SGP screen I would like to see. If the “new image saved” notifications were considered to be “Info” notifications, and could thus be prevented from popping up, that would be great. Or having the option to not display the Notification Center panels at all would suit me. I like to think I am in control even when I’m not, and I’m one of those users who pays close attention to the docking modules I have arranged on the SGP window. The Notification Center panels complicate that, and I haven’t found any way to turn them off.

On the positive side, the new feature that prevents the sequence from waiting for the autoguider to settle when the previous sub was not dithered is great - it saves a lot of valuable time for acquiring subs if you use short subexposures and do not dither after each one.


Another possibly related issue with the beta - if you have used the Framing and Mosaic Wizard to create a sequence and saved the DSS image created by the wizard, after you save the sequence and re-apply the profile to it, the DSS image is no longer attached to the sequence.

Thanks @DonR will take a look

Same issues here. Loading previous sequences have a banner that reads,“no equipment profile.”
This is on a windows 7 pro machine.

This has been addressed. It will be available in the next beta.