SGP Flats at the end of a sequence always fail

The problem seems to be that when SGP moves on to Flats it’s still trying to locate a guide star. I have a Flip/Flat and an OAG so obviously when the flip/flat closes there’s not going to be a guide star. I have the mount park prior to the beginning of taking flats which works fine. It then tries to find a guide star which fails and puts SGP into recovery mode. I haven’t seen anyone else report this problem and it may very well be that I have something set up incorrectly but for the life of me I can’t figure out what. Under the Flats target I have “do not move to target” checked. I’ve uploaded the log file for last night and the problem starts and 04:55 am. Any help would be appreciated.


sg_logfile_20191116.txt (369.6 KB)


This seems like a timing issue in SGPro. I have taken steps to ensure that the guider is properly stopped before parking.

Thanks Ken! I’m really loving ver 3.1 and really appreciate all the hard work you have done here. Excited to see what awaits in ver 4.0!!

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