SGP : ISO for Centering and frame & focus not saved

The ISO value for centering and frame & focus gets reset to the highest setting when a sequence is opened.
This is with a Nikon DSLR

Screenshot_4 Screenshot_5

What value are you saving to the sequence here? Is the camera connected or not when opening a new sequence?

The camera is not connected when i open the sequence, before i connect to the camera no values show.
I believe this bug appeared at the same time that more ISO values were added in SGP

I cannot reproduce. ISO 1600 seems to save and load fine. I think it is related the the ISO cache in your sequence. Can you post that please?

Here’s the sequence.
It’s a friends setup, i help him with the technical stuff :smiley:

Ok, thx. I was not able to produce that exact issue, but I was able to find an issue that, for that sequence, would not load ANY ISO values when opened. I suspect what I fixed and what you are seeing are related and I’ll marke this as fixed in SGPro GREATER THAN We’ll reopen it if it’s not.

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I can confirm that it’s fixed