SGP auto focus runs before plate solve

Hi I have downloaded the new version and for some reason the auto focus runs after slewing to the target . Unfortunately it doesn’t download and just keeps running but is essentially frozen. When the auto focus is cancelled the sequence moves to plate solve but again fails to download and gets stuck. Any ideas. Thanks

Why is is auto focus running before plate solve, why is it freezing?

Plate solving needs an in focus image while focusing only needs to be able to see stars so it makes sense to focus before plate solving. Doing it the other way round could mean that plate solving fails because the stars are out of focus.

Not sure about it freezing or keeping running.

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We will need more information to help. Please ship us logs and we’ll take a look:

Thanks Ken I appreciate it

here is one of the logs:

[12/06/19 22:55:32.851][DEBUG] [Unknown] .NET Framework Version: 4.8

i hope this helps shed some light on the problem.



Please send full logs. See the post I linked above for more information.

Thanks Ken. I’m a little confused. Do you require the logs from the whole night which includes multiple attempts all with the same failed outcome? WhT is the best way to get that information to you, Should I link them to a drop box file?

Yes, please, we have software to analyze logs and it breaks on partial logs.

Dopbox is just fine. See here for options (click the down arrow to the right ----->):

Thanks Ken

I have left all the data from that evening at this drop box link. I hope this helps. I do appreciate your help


Closing for now as unable to replicate or lack of supporting data. Please make a new post to reopen this issue.


Are you unable to read the data? What can I do to help?


We just need logs. That link above is broken.

It is advantageous to have the autofocus run before plate solving to center the target with an SCT. The primary mirror is moved during focus which will shift the image. The preference for the sequence is 1) Slew to target, 2) focus, 3) center and rotate, and then 4) start imaging.

Mark W