SGP 3 license per user or per machine


How does the licensing of SGP in the end work… I have 3 pc’s, one which will be installed in a remote observatory. I would think, one license for 3 pc’s, that is enough according to the license page, but I am puzzled…

I share the Spain PC with a second user. If I log in with my account, all is fine, and SGP starts without complaining.

If he logs in, on the same PC, with his user account he gets the message that the trial is expired…

OK, so I go to my account, deleted the registered third pc. I registered it from his account and all is ok for him.

Next, he logs out, I log in, and I am locked out :slight_smile:

So, what is the license policy: per user or per machine. As it is now, it is not per machine for sure.



The licensing data is associated with your user account. If you want to share the SGP install you’ll both need to use the same login.

The license is 3 machines per user, as you’re using different user accounts that is a different user.


Hi Jared,

Ok, thanks for the info. Maybe it would be interesting to rather link it to concurrent use, as Adobe does, just an idea :wink: