SGP and FocusLock Connection


I always bin 2x2 for guiding , always seems to work for me :slight_smile:

There are not any in the Uk , So I will be guinea pig and get one ordered and see how we get on




so its taken a long time to get a lacerta kit for the loadstar in the uk ( arrived today ) , but with the release off sgp 3.0 and focus lock integration , I am the guinea pig in the uk :slight_smile:

Lets see how we get on and will report back ASAP – cue loads of clouds :weary::weary:



Hi Gents

do we have any instructions on how use the lacerta in sgp

I.e do I set up focus lock software to connect to phd and my focuser or does sgp control the focuser with input from focus lock ?



Please excuse my ignorance here, since I have never used a Newt, but what does this mean? Since I am getting a Newt this spring it may be important to me.


Good on you Harry - I am watching this with interest as I thought I’d give it a go this year. I’ve got the KISS adapter for the Lodestar and the QSI…


I think this is because the newt is a reflector and so doesn’t suffer from chromatic aberration. This means that the focus position with different filters will be the same as long as they have the same optical thickness - are parfocal.



Its as chris says :slight_smile: I use baader filters and do not need to refocus between filters a very good frac is needed

to be free of chromatic aberration



I have a kiss on order , don’t know when it will come :hugs: ASAP I hope

I am hoping for a few hints from Mr SGP on the use of it , as I do not have a lot clear skies to play with

so as much info as poss would be good



I have been playing with it lately. What I had to do is forget about SGP to start with and get it all working with just PHD2 and FocusLock. I did all the focuser offsets too.

Then when I am doing a session I leave FocusLock running and PHD2. In SGP I connect to both of them. When the sequence starts PHD2 will find a guide star and start guiding. FocusLock sees the guide star pop up in its window and starts focusing.

Unfortunately you can not launch, connect, and start FocusLock from SGP that I have found.