SGP and no auto guider


I discovered that I was having a problem running SGP with no auto guider selected. What would happen is that SGP would cause the program to reboot when it started to run.

Last night I decided to run the usb cable coming from the ASI294 camera directly to the laptop. Rathjer rhan through my usb 3.0 hub. And bingo. No more problems.

SGP now ran perfectly with this arrangement. No more reboots of SGP. It just performed beautiful.

I was wondering why this is happening. Others with me suggested it was the usb cable from the camera. Its a new cable, And new camera. And the 3.0 USB Hub is new.

I would like to continue using the HUB as it does control the collection of wires etc. Could it be the cable?

And by the way - Sharpcap wouldn’t work with the cable coming from the USB Hub. It has to go directly from camera to laptop.

Maybe Ascom drivers need adjustment? Bus speed too fast??


USB hubs a notoriously problematic. For years I used one on the scope to minimize cables going up to the mount and always had intermittent problems. I finally removed the hub entirely and all the issues went away. Software Bisque mentions the same thing in their documentation. If you have to use one, spend a lot of money and get a really good one.


I spent nearly $150.00 on this hub. It’s DC driven unit and indeed the best one I ever had. I should go back to the $20.00 units to see if they work better?

–Ted Gervais Windsor Ont


I would suggest you try a new cable from the guide camera to the hub.
I’ve read about other instances where the ZWO cable was causing issues.
It’s worth a try anyway.


I was told by others the other night that perhaps a new cable might fix things. So my thoughts are there as well.


Most USB problems have to do with not enough amps per port. When the device pulls amps and it does not have enough, it stalls/hangs or throws codes, or reboots etc.

In the old days it would cause a blue screen of death on a windows machine.

These days Microsoft tries to hide errors or at least let you continue to use the computer while things are hung up.

By plugging in the cable directly to your computer, you are supplying enough amps.

This is just my opinion.


What is the length of the cable between the hub and your pc? Posted limit for USB is 16 ft (3m).
In my current configuration I moved my pc from a table on the lower floor to a stand near the ceiling of the lower floor directly under the pier and scope on the 2nd floor, for the express purpose of staying under the 16 ft USB limit. However, even though all my cables are 16 ft or less, the 15 ft cable to my ZWO ASI1600MMc was giving me some errors. My fix, which has worked perfectly since installing it several months ago, was to run a 3 ft cable from the 1600MM to a 15 ft active USB extender cable, which then plugs directly into the pc. The extender cable is just a standard 15 ft USB cable with a small box on one end which has some unpowered electronics that somehow boosts the signal.


Cable from hub to the pc is about 12 feet. I think. It is long.

–Ted Gervais Windsor Ont