SGP and Optec Temp Comp

I could use some guidance on how temperature compensation with an Optec FocusLynx controller integrates with SGP. I have put the temperature coefficient into FocusLynx Commander and while Commander is open and connected the focuser steps change as the temperature drops.

When I connect the focuser in SGP temp comp is immediately turned off in Commander. If I turn it back on and then do an autofocus run temp comp is again turned off. Is this expected behavior?

In this scenario it seems impossible to do both autofocus periodically and also use temp comp at the same time. I’m probably missing something here, but if this is all correct is there a way to use both autofocus and temp comp during an imaging run?

Please ignore this. I must have done something wrong the first time. Now the Optec controller is automatically switching temp comp on and off depending on when SGP is controlling the motor. So all is good.

If temp comp works well I shouldn’t have to use autofocus as often as I do now.

My Optec Gemini focuser is configured (ASCOM) to enable TC at power on. When using SGP, I see the following behaviour:

When SGP connects, TC is disabled (not sure who does that). When SGP does an automatic auto focus run, it checks to see if TC is enabled; if enabled SGP turns it off; does the AF; turns it back on. If not enabled, it is left off after the AF run. If I run the AF routine manually, SGP turns off TC; does the AF run but does not turn TC back on when the AF finishes.


Thanks Charlie, this is what I observed last night as well. Now that I know what triggers TC on or off I can adjust accordingly.