SGP Beta Framing Wizard bug - error loading Object cache

  1. Launch SGP
  2. Go to Framing & Mosaic Wizard
  3. Drop down the Object list (should have a list of previously searched items)
    ERROR: “error loading cache”

Log & bitmap here:!Aqml0ppAJEnxlfghtwP_va8otJq8gQ
See log file entry at: [1/2/2017 5:58:39 PM]

FWIW, I’ve upgraded from -> -> -> I noticed a lot of configuration (PHD2, and some profile info) didn’t survive the upgrade from ->, and this might be one of the items that didn’t get upgraded correctly also.


works ok for me



This is likely due to a corrupt “*.mfw” file found in the cache folder. I have just made changes in that allow for errors with some mfw cache files, but will still show the ones that were loaded OK. A log entry will be made for corrupt entries, but there will be no indication of failure in the UI (right now).

These files are not affected by upgrades (at least not recently)