SGP cannot reserve the API port


I use SGP and I can’t connect to the API on localhost. When I look at the logs, I find at the startup :
[9/11/2018 13:34:10] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Licensing: Licenses applied…
[9/11/2018 13:34:10] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] SGPro retail license…
[9/11/2018 13:34:11] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] API port is blocked. Attempting to reserve 59590…
[9/11/2018 13:34:14] [DEBUG] [Main Thread] Error initializing API (tried to unblock port): Accès refusé

When I do a netstat -an there’s nothing listening on that port.

Any idea ?

Thx in advance for any help / clue…



Hey Mike,

Windows Firewall?



Hi Stephen,

I have checked, and even added a rule to authorize traffic on this port, without a change. And I think it’s normal, since the problem is not traffic, but permission to bind a process to a port (but I’m not a network specialist)…

Thx for the suggestion !




What OS are you running? I’m actually in IT and can ask my Network Admin if he has seen this. I do remember a Win update that caused a similar issue, but I believe it was Win 10



It’s a Win7