SGP capturing image while mount is slewing


I have noticed the past few evenings that SGP will capture an image during center command while the mount is still slewing. Can I delay the image capture?

Mount Avalon M Uno


Never mind I found mount settling time.


If the mount is reporting that the slew has finished when the mount is still moving then it’s not ASCOM compliant.

Or do you mean that it’s still wobbling around after the slew has finished?



You generally shouldn’t HAVE to use much settling time. If The scope is truly still slewing you should talk to your ASCOM driver provider and see if they can fix the issue. Otherwise if it’s just a little bit of flex or movement that needs to “settle” then that’s ok and what the settling time is used for. It should be pretty small…generally no more than 10 seconds at the high end.



Thanks for replies. I have no idea why it started to misbehave. I have not update software in months and used the same set up for around 1 year. It would only do it during the re center after plate solve and the mount was slewing (usually a small bump). Ill notify the ASCOM developer.