SGP Crash and not saving images


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Hi, this is my first time posting, I have been using SGP for about 6 months since I got a ZWO ASI1600MM-Pro and I am really pleased with both of them.

Last week I did two concurrent nights of imaging, the first went without fault (apart from the filter wheel nearly colliding with the pier after the meridian flip, but that isn’t relevant here), then on the second night SGP closed itself around 21:40. I was having a sleep in a building nearby the observatory (it is a society one) with teamviewer running on my phone, so I didn’t realise what had happened until I checked at around 22:20. I have attached the log file, it appears that the laptop ran out of memory as far as I can tell? Everything was the same as the previous evening, so what could cause this to happen?

Also at around 00:28 the images were being captured but not showing up in SGP and not being saved to the SSD but the file names were still counting up, I didn’t realise this until 00:54ish. So I have frame 95 but then lost all frames until frame 107. The first thing that I did was close all images in SGP and Hey Presto everything was fine again and frame 107 was saved! Is this a memory issue again? I’m sure that I’ve had more than 95 images open at once in SGP before, the previous night for sure. Again I have attached the log file from this time.

Is there any software that could alert me that SGP has closed or decided to stop saving images? So that the clear skies are not wasted? Usually I rely on PHD2 chiming if it loses the guide star due to cloud or the dome not rotating etc… but in both cases PHD2 was unaffected and continued to guide.


Yes, you can use GNS (Good Night System) which SGP will talk to. It creates a “watch dog” timer so if something happens with SGP, GNS will alert you. GNS is provided by a 3rd party.



Thank you very much Jared, I will give that a try