SGP crash at Park/End of Sequence


Not sure if this crash is related the current long-running SGP Crash topic or not, so I decided to post a separate topic. Happy for this be moved if indeed the issues are related.

Sequence ran this evening using the latest beta; some clouds, entered Recovery mode quite a few times, but reached the end of the events. At End of Sequece options, SGP told mount to Park, ROR slaved and set to close before Park. Roof did not Close, Parking message in bottom left of screen showing Parking, mount did not Park.

I manually closed roof with key fob - closed. I clicked ‘Park’ in Eqmod and mount parked. CCD warmed up as set in profile. All equipment connections in sequence greyed out and I couldn’t disconnect gear. SGP permitted me to Exit from File/Exit. I then shut off pc.


Temp was -1.5deg C with small amounts of frost on ROR aluminium rails, so possible that roof couldn’t close because of this (has switch to stop motor if too much resistance, to prevent collision damage with scope) & this threw SGP. Possible that I need to carry out a routine maintenance set/reset of open and close positions on roof.

Thanks for the insight.


@BarryWilson This is not a known issue. From the logs, SGPro sent the proper commands to your equipment. To understand what is happening we’d need to see the ASCOM trace logs for the observatory. Parking of the mount and the dome will not happen until the shutter reports it is closed… in this case, it doesn’t happen. The dome logs might give us some insight as to why…

[29/02/2016 01:39:32] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Parking telescope…
[29/02/2016 01:39:32] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: Park message received.
[29/02/2016 01:39:32] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] ASCOM Telescope: closing observatory shutter…
[29/02/2016 01:39:32] [DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Dome: Closing Shutter


Thanks Ken, that’s very helpful, and I can concentrate on a routine reset of my open/close roof positions as a first action.

I’ll report back.


I have been exercising this part of SGP’s feature list as I prove out my own Obsy app. The behaviour when the buttons greyed out in SGP suggests that ASCOM was waiting to respond.

In my DIY roof module I took the precaution to introduce a time-out feature in the Arduino controller, that passes back to the driver a shuttterstate of ‘error’ if it has been ‘opening’ or ‘closing’ for too long. I use position switches to provide closed-loop feedback of the roof position for the possibility of some foul, or at my age, forgetting to disengage the storm latches! What does the ASCOM log say?


Just an update to close this thread: yesterday I carried out a routine set/re-set of my roof open and close positions and also updated my beta to The forecast was very promising and I had a full imaging run planned.

The roof all closed and mount parked as expected and SGP did its job perfectly.

I guess my problem related to not re-setting my roof positions after it stalled during closure with rime ice build up on the previous occasion. I’ll need to make a note for myself and remember to do this if it should occur again (& treat the rollers and rails on my roof with a little light oil brushed on to help prevent frost during winter).