SGP crashed trying to take binned flats


Last night SGP kept crashing when I tried to take flats with my QSI683. Three logs are attached. Between each log, I restarted SGP and resumed the event. Twice I had to remove power and restart the camera. My binned flats were not good and I had to get the flats at 1x1. Binned RGB lights were fine. L-flats at 1x1 were fine also. The logs seem to indicate a camera issue.

sg_logfile_20170806011819.txt (92.3 KB)
sg_logfile_20170806012440.txt (22.6 KB)
sg_logfile_20170806013103.txt (187.1 KB)





For SGPro to crash during that sequence, some very low level hardware communications needs to be misbehaving. We can look to see if there is any way we can capture these errors, but sometimes, SGPro is just informed that, by virtue of dependent software, it needs to crash. From your logs, There are clear issues communicating with the camera and filter wheel right before the crash. I would check cables, power supplies and hubs.

[08/06/17 01:20:49.860][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM (QSI) Camera capture. : No Image Available
at QSICameraLib.CCDCameraClass.get_ImageArray()
at n8.h8(oz A_0, qy& A_1)
[08/06/17 01:20:49.862][DEBUG] [CP Update Thread] ASCOM (QSI) Camera: Error in GetCoolerTemp. : Camera Error
at QSICameraLib.CCDCameraClass.get_CCDTemperature()
at A_0)
[08/06/17 01:20:57.361][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM (QSI) Camera: Attempting to abort exposure…
[08/06/17 01:20:57.361][DEBUG] [CP Update Thread] ASCOM (QSI) Camera: Error in GetCoolerPower. : Camera Error
at QSICameraLib.CCDCameraClass.get_CoolerPower()
at A_0)
[08/06/17 01:20:57.361][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] ASCOM (QSI) Camera: Error when trying to abort exposure. : Camera Error
at QSICameraLib.CCDCameraClass.get_CanAbortExposure()
[08/06/17 01:20:57.361][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Error while attempting to capture frame…
[08/06/17 01:20:57.363][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] GlobalExceptionHandler caught : Cannot Get Camera State
[08/06/17 01:20:57.363][DEBUG] [Sequence Thread] Runtime terminating: True
[08/06/17 01:20:57.370][DEBUG] [Camera Thread] Adding sequence level notification: Error attempting to capture image (see logs for more information).
[08/06/17 01:20:57.463][DEBUG] [CP Update Thread] Caught exception while getting filter wheel position. FW is expecting to be STOPPED! Returning (2). : Camera Error
at QSICameraLib.CCDCameraClass.get_Position()
at n9.ib()


Thanks Ken! Could have been heat/moisture related, but likely I will not
know unless it stops being intermittent .




My 583 did that when I had it. Put a delay between in for the exposures and it never happened again. Think I put 5 seconds