SGP + D810A test M51 trough clouds


Quick test, all seems to work with latest beta, except the fact you need to save fit as well. otherwise plate solve will fail complaining it cannot find image to solve …
It was cloudy, almost no stars visible but Tec 140 + D810A + SGP just performed wonderfully


Nice, I love the red in the galaxy!

Which version of SGP did you use?

I had linked the issue about the plate solving as well, not sure if this only happens with Nikon.


I don’t understand this plate solve issue. I can load any image and plate solve it just fine. Is this only an issue during imaging or when performing a center on target? I hope this isn’t a Nikon issue… I haven’t really had a chance to do a plate solve during image acquisition (center on target) yet! Thanks.



hxpi, Yes exactly, plate solving regular images is fine, it’s the auto positioning (centering/framing)


Crap! My dreams are going to be crushed if this doesn’t work during image acquisition :frowning:

Well maybe not… I’ll just record NEF and FITs. Although it’ll take much more memory, especially with 36 MP images :open_mouth:

Thanks for the reply.


It does, you just have to set the camera to download both FIT and NEF or just FIT, however not just NEF only.

The other thread asks for some changes to perhaps solve that.

The dream continues :slight_smile:


Exactly, you need to download at least fit to make plate solve work during imaging …



More data and also L layer shot trough RC + SXH814 camerA