SGP does not calculate HFR and camera has less details

I installed a nuc pc for my setup in order to replace my intel-stick mini pc. I installed the latest version of SGP and went out for some tests and setting up the new pc. I use an Atik 383l+ and when downloading i notice that the images are darker than when i used my intel-stick. Furthermore it is impossible to use the autofocus procedure as the software at the nuc does not locate any stars no matter how long the exposure is despite the fact that i use the same settings for the atofocus. Does anybody have any idea what might be the cause of this, i tried using other usb ports but i had no success. I include two photos of the Pleiades, a 5sec bin 2x2 image, the image from the nuc has less noise but has no detail whereas the image from the intel-stick is noiser but you can make out some nebulosity.

Also a question that i though of now, when setting up my equipment at sgp (on the nuc) i did not enter a value for the readout noise, i don’t remember i have done the same thing at the intel-stick, does this affect the images?

The 2nd image seems to have some kind of error coming from the camera or maybe a driver problem…check for driver settings, maybe there’s some settings that can be adjusted?

Differences in the Atik drivers installed on each? You can test SGPro’s ability to find and measure stars outside of running auto focus. Just open an image in SGPro and then, in the toolbar, click on the “Star” button. Are you positive that both machines are using the same minimum star diameter filter?

See the bottom of the focus control module pictured here(set to 4.0). You can change this and then toggle the star button to test changes:

Yes i have the same settings for the autofocus procedure and star detection, i will check the drivers for the camera

Also i have the same result in finding stars when i check the star button

the third image is from the intel-stick and the two first images are from different targets from the nuc

Be sure to check both the ASCOM AND the native driver versions.

Looks like star finding doesn’t handle the gradient especially well

Problem solved.
It seems something bugged at the profile i had for my imaging system, i deleted it and created a new one, i did a test with a dark frame and after the capture SGP stretched the image as expected, when i did tests with dark frames with the bugged profile the stretch was problematic. I came to the conclusion after capturing a test dark frame with the artemis capture software (atik’s software) and i had no issues with it, also when i captured dark frames with sgp with no equipment profile selected, at the sequencer i selected atik cameras, connected to the camera and i had no issues, when the weather permits i will do a star test.