SGP failure to retrieve image


I have a sequence with a lot of images from frame and focus (about 25) and when I added a new one, the program displayed an out of memory error but didnt really crash or exit. I was able to take few exposures. But subsequently I have had about 3-4 times where the program will fail to retrieve image from camera after a 15 minute exposure (Frame&Focus seems to work fine ) and it will abort the sequence entirely.

Is there a limit for the number of frame and focus images that can be stored ? The system has 6 GB ram and is running a core i7-3630QM and Windows 8.1 Pro OS.
Since the problem manifested after the last addition of a frame and focus image, I am wondering if there is a correlation or there something else going on.

I am attaching the log file from last night’s run.

Thanks and Best Regards

sg_logfile_20160503232434.txt (395.6 KB)


Another data point (And this probably indicates memory related issue).

Here are two task manager snapshots with and without profile loaded (the one with 25 images)
The one with profile hist 1Gig in memory usage (this is right after starting it and not connecting to the camera etc)
The other is without any profile loaded and is at 36MB.

I will test tonight with a new sequence to see if I hit this error.



Ya… that’s definitely not right. We have a memory leak somewhere… just having a very hard time tracking it down. The SGF file might be more helpful than the log file in this case. Since not everyone sees it, I have to assume that it might be some odd combination of settings.


Hi Ken

Thanks for following up. Here is the sgf file. I am not allowed to upload sfg file . You can download it from this link

The resource usage doesnt seem to grow over time. It gets to that memory level as soon as it loads.



Ah, I see now. So at one point, SGPro had a hard limit on the number of targets alloed in a sequence because of the memory each target occupies. Lots of folks asked us to remove this limit “at their own risk”. We have some work on the to-do list to reduce the memory footprint of each target (and event), but we have not yet gotten to that.

SGPro was designed to have a few targets or support a mosaic. Of course, that said, some folks want to use a sequence file as a “seasonal” or “year-round” planner. I am not opposed to this… just letting you know it’s not really supported at the moment. This is more in the style of ACP.

The only advice I can give you right now is to:

  • Reduce the size of the target list
  • Remove canvas images from the MFW if they are not required (or at least close them)…


Thank you Ken. I did start a new sequence (also upgraded to latest beta and the autofocus with the RC8/QSI690 seems much more robust than before!). So all good in my end. Looks to be a clear night in Austin… so trying to make the most of it :slight_smile: