SGP goes on holiday... Images from France while on our travels


I used SGP for the first time using my portable kit when away on my holiday through France - I’d often set off the sequence before going to sleep and let it run through as much as possible on its own (which it mostly did with only a couple of small issues).

Equipment used was:
Losmandy GM8 with Gemini 1 L4
QHY163M + CFW2-US-M + Canon 200mm f2.8L (at f3.85)
ASI120MM on a guider

I still have data left to process and to add to so I can complete images, but here’s some shots below - links to the Flickr pages give the details about each one.

Thanks for looking!

North America and Pelican Nebulae in Cygnus

"The Wall" in NGC7000

The Pelican Nebula, IC5070


Collinder 399 (The Coathanger), VdB 126 and surrounds

Eagle, Swan and Surrounds in H-Alpha


If these are your first images with SGP then I think you have it fairly well figured out! Nicely done!



Thanks Jared :slight_smile: I use SGP at home, but it’s much more hands on (I have to rotate my dome every so often…) - this is the first time I’ve truly got it running by itself with no intervention for significant periods. It’s good software, I really like it.