Sgp guide api for sbig


Hi - first time i could use the kit for longer than I can remember and it didn’t work. I keep it all up to date with latest releases. Here’s what happened

start sgp and connect the sbig stt8300M (latest drivers installed)

start PHD2 and try to connect to the sgp api guider - seems to connect fine, but when I try to loop images PHD2 complains that the guide cam isn’t connected.

I solved this (having tried a few different things), but the solution isn’t really viable. Here’s what works:

Close SGP and PHD2, reinstall the SGP api guider and run sgp and phd2 up again. Connect the sTT in SGP and then PHD works fine. I couldn’t get anything else to work, including a complete computer reboot.

Also just as an aside, my local solver had changed itself to the online version. i changed it back.

I have had other issues as well and will post separately.

there are so few cloudless nights now…

best wishes