SGP hung up on exposure time. Goes past exposure settings


Hi guys. Saturday night I was imaging and had set exposure length for 60 s using a QHY163C camera. I had set a total of 200 and around 165 exposures, SGP did not stop and download at the preset exposure time. In fact I was not monitoring it and when I came back, it was somewhere around 3545 seconds into the exposure.
At the same time, PHD2 also was hung up and frozen and was not actively tracking.

CJ Wagner


Hi CJ,

The same thing happened to me on Saturday night, precisely at 2am (start of daylight savings). I assume it is a bug in the software due to the change in local time on the computer, but I am not sure where we are supposed to report bugs. Do you know?

Thanks, Nico


You know what!!! YOU’RE RIGHT!!! It was at 2am now that I thought about it. Makes sense…more or less. Not sure where to report other than right here.