SGP Interface with PHD2


Last night I attempted to use SGPro for the first time and had some limited success (It’s probably something I’m not setting up right). I set up my Equipment Profile using PHD2 as my auto guide tool. When I started running a simple sequence it started the auto guider process but PHD2 could not start tracking the best star in the loop window. It selected a star that eventually generated a “lost star” error. I tried this on multiple targets but with the same result. I had to stop PHD2 and manually select the brightest star for tracking, then restart the Sequence.

This may be a setup problem with PHD2 but I’m not sure. In my Control Panel I have the Settling Options box UNCHECKED and the "Stop when sequence completes box CHECKED.

Any Ideas on what I’m doing wrong?



Fairly certain this is a PHD2 setup issue. I believe SGP’s interaction with PHD2 is to just start it and tell PH2 to use star auto-select (as it would have no way of determining from the guide cam image what the best star would be). Then just communicates with it to see how the tracking is going, send dither commands, etc. As a test you could just launch PHD2 out of SGP and try the star auto-select and see if you obtain the same results. I expect you probably would. Next read up on the PHD2 best practices and see if anything is off.

I’d start with PHD2 Basic Use under ‘Exposure Time and Star Selection’

Maybe your exposure time is set to low? Certainly depends on your setup, but I run my loops on 2 sec exposure, get good guiding for my area, auto star never fails even with some light clouds blowing by (50mm GS). Also check guide cam focus. One time mine had drifted (Or changed due to temp or something, who knows!) even though it was locked down tight and I was getting a lot of odd behavior. Fortunately I discovered it during polar alignment.

Hope this helps,