SGP Log viewer only showing partial log

Not sure if anyone else is seeing similar issues: SGP Log Viewer is only showing part of my overall log.

As an example, I had SGP running yesterday from 6:40pm through 1:30am (when it clouded over), but when the log is loaded in the viewer, it only shows events up to 7:40pm. All the other entries are in the log, just not shown in the viewer.

Log file available here:

And I’m running the latest version of the app (from 1/25).

Thanks for finding bug…

This should be fixed. Forgot to reset abort status when RecoveryMode was successful on a guide star lost event.

2/16/2020 version is most updated.

LMK if it doesn’t work :

Guide Star was lost…but recovery successful…

Later in evening, guide star lost, Recovery failed - looks like due to plate solving / centering fail Aborted…

The new version works a lot better! I now see the full list of events in the bottom event view.

One thing that I think may still be broken: When I click on the target name under “List of Targets” , I only see one capture event listed in the “Target Event Details” list. I think I should be seeing the full list of all events there?

And thanks for the quick turnaround!



I had only enabled viewing of events that were ‘Active’.

Had a long plane flight and have reworked it to show everything (active or inactive). Works best with version >~ (once Ken & Jared started storing target data in json)

As always - if it breaks, LMK.

Any other useful info needed, LMK. I’ll add it if I get the time.

Isn’t SGP great? Makes it so easy…if only the rain would stop.


Thank you sir - new version is working great!

And yep - SGP is by far the best money I’ve spent in this hobby - couldn’t live without it at this point.